Episode 4 of Periphery: “U.S.-Cuba Relations: Then and Now” with Dr. Philip Brenner

Co-host and co-producer Angelika Albaladejo and I worked really hard to put together the latest episode of Periphery. We talked to my former professor, Dr. Philip Brenner of American University, about the history of the relationship between Cuba and the United States as well as the recent announcement that both countries will begin normalizing relations for the first time in over half a century.

These are not simple subjects, but Dr. Brenner is one of the top scholars in this field and he does a great job of laying out the facts clearly and concisely. I’m very proud and extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share his expertise with our audience.

Of course, you should follow Periphery on Twitter (@Periphery_), like our Facebook page and subscribe on iTunes. You should also check out our blog where we posted the episode along with links to the sources we used and more information on the topics we discussed. Also, don’t miss the accompanying playlist we put together with a bunch of amazing songs by both Cuban and American musicians.


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