Biden’s Embrace Of Border Tech Raises Privacy Concerns

President Joe Biden hasn’t shied away from using controversial technologies for immigration enforcement, raising concerns that his predecessor’s pet project to build a border wall is being replaced with a “virtual wall” rife with privacy and civil liberties problems…

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School’s Out: Legal Apprentices Take Alternative Path To Bar

A handful of states let would-be attorneys carve an alternative path to the bar through apprenticeships. Advocates say these programs, despite some drawbacks, could bring more diversity to the field by providing an option for those without the time or money for law school…

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Brazil goes to the polls on Sunday. It could be the country’s most important election ever.

Brazil’s leading presidential candidate, a far-right politician named Jair Bolsonaro, was stabbed at a campaign rally last month in an attack that left him in serious condition. When the candidate returned home from the hospital last week, Brazilians staged large demonstrations both for and against his controversial, ultra-conservative agenda…

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Are US Anti-Crime Programs in Central America Working?

Over the past several years, the United States has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on crime and violence prevention programs in Central America, with few evaluations of the impact of this investment. But one hotly debated study highlights the challenges of measuring security assistance outcomes, as well as the need for a greater body of analysis about the efficacy of such initiatives…

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Exclusive: Documents Confirm Leak of Unexplained Deposits to Nisman’s US Bank Account

Documents obtained exclusively by LobeLog confirm that Argentine officials violated an agreement with the US Treasury Department by leaking sensitive financial information regarding deceased prosecutor Alberto Nisman. These leaks could complicate further US-Argentine cooperation in the controversial investigations surrounding Nisman’s death…

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