Episode 2 of Periphery: “The Overcriminalization of Immigrants” with Jose Magaña Salgado

In the second episode of Periphery, Angelika Albaladejo and I interviewed Jose Magaña-Salgado, an attorney and policy advocate at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) in Washington DC. We talked with Jose about the overcriminalization of immigrants in the United States.

I’ve written a fair amount about US immigration policies and practices on this blog in the past. Also, as Jose mentions in the episode, immigration issues are often related to foreign policy issues, some of which Angelika and I touched on in our conversation with Sarah Kinosian in our first episode on the humanitarian crisis brewing in Honduras.

Of course you should follow Periphery on Twitter (@Periphery_), like our Facebook page and subscribe on iTunes, but you should also check out our blog where we posted the episode along with links to the sources we used and more information on the topics we discussed.


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