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Interview with the Latino Media Collective on “Zero Tolerance” Policing

Thanks to the Latino Media Collective on WPFW for having me on the show today to talk about “zero tolerance” policing in Latin America.

You can find my article, “Giuliani in Rio,” at the Jacobin magazine website. An archived recording of today’s interview is available here.

UPDATE (Jan. 23, 2016):

Thanks to the Latino Media Collective and WPFW, this interview now has a permanent home as the fifth episode of the Periphery podcast.

Giuliani in Rio

During his time as New York City major, Rudy Giuliani was known above all as a fierce partisan of “law and order.” Since he left office in 2001, he has leveraged that reputation into a lucrative private-sector consulting career and now heads Giuliani Partners…But many question the extension of Giuliani’s “zero-tolerance” approach to public safety in Latin America. In the world’s most violent region — where racial discrimination, corrupt judiciaries, and abusive security forces have persisted for decades — some say heavy-handed policies like the ones Giuliani promotes make things even worse…

Read this piece in its entirety at Jacobin.