How the US Took On the Mafia Running International Soccer

The 2018 World Cup is about to end. But the case that unveiled a massive criminal conspiracy involving the international soccer organization FIFA is still ongoing…

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Weekly InSight: How Organized Crime Has Tarnished the World Cup

In our June 14 Facebook Live session, Senior Investigator Héctor Silva Ávalos and Senior Editor Mike LaSusa discussed the opening of the 2018 World Cup and the many ways that soccer and organized crime intersect…

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Argentina Soccer Crime Case Shows Evolution of Hooligan Groups

A new round of arrests and charges in an unfolding racketeering case in Argentina involving a criminalized soccer fan club, or “barra brava,” points to these groups’ growing sophistication and capacity for violence…

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Organized Crime a Player When it Comes to Match Fixing

A new guidebook published by the United Nations highlights the links between organized crime and match fixing in sports, and it offers suggestions for the relevant authorities about how to tackle the issue…

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Let them eat soccer

Yesterday, the 2014 World Cup began at São Paulo Arena. At a total cost of roughly $11 billion — and at least eight workers’ lives — Brazil will host the most expensive World Cup in history. (Though the scandalous unfolding atrocity in Qatar may prove even worse.) Brazilians overwhelmingly supported bringing the event to their country when FIFA awarded them the honor in 2007 (no other nation in the Americas volunteered), but a recent poll indicates that a majority of citizens now oppose it…

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