Venezuela President’s Cabinet Choice Further Politicizes Drug Cases

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has named a man US authorities accused of drug trafficking as the country’s new Interior minister, a move that further politicizes a series of drug cases brought by the United States against Venezuelan officials…

Read this piece in its entirety at InSight Crime.

“Zero Dark Thirty” Big on Action

Read this piece in its entirety at South Florida Arts Review.

We’re far enough removed from the times of “Lincoln” and “Django” (and arguably even “Argo”) that we can more easily step back and evaluate art as art, especially in the case of film, where the emphasis is less on making political statements than human ones…


A Thousand Twangling Instruments: Racial and Ethnic Political Identities in Modern Latin America

I wrote this for a class on Latin American comparative politics. My conclusions:

…Indigenous movements are just one section in the symphony of “a thousand twangling instruments” that comprise the social movement scene in Latin America. The present period seems may be like the cacophony on before the concert as the musicians separately tune their instruments. When capable “maestros” like political parties, transnational organizations, and broad-based movements can step up and coordinate the musicians to play together, these groups have much more success at making themselves heard than when they are all playing their own tune.

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