Bust Highlights Paraguay to Europe Sex Trafficking

A joint operation involving authorities in Paraguay, Spain and France has broken up a multi-country sex trafficking network, illustrating some of the lesser-known international dynamics of this illicit business…

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Recent Scandals Highlight Paraguay’s Narco-Corruption Problem

The U.S. removed Paraguay from its list of major narcotics transit or producing countries in September 2010 because illicit substances from there are mostly “trafficked to the neighboring countries of Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay but not to the United States.” Still, it would be a mistake for the U.S. ignore narcocorruption in Paraguay just because drugs from there don’t usually end up in the United States…

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Small rebel group causing Paraguay big headaches

Although the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP) only has an estimated 20 to 100 combatants, the government of President Horacio Cartes has made it a top security priority. Cartes did not seem very concerned with the group when he was inaugurated in August 2013, but after a series of high-profile attacks by the rebels early in his term, he called in the military to help the police confront them…

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