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Brazil President Faces New Criminal Charges Related to Graft Scheme

The first sitting president in the history of Brazil to face criminal charges has been indicted once again, this time for allegedly obstructing justice and leading a criminal organization. Congress blocked the first set of charges from advancing. Will it protect the president a second time?

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Brazil Police Map Corruption ‘Gang,’ Arrows Point to President Temer

Brazil’s federal police have created a diagram to illustrate their conception of the leadership structure of a “gang” of politicians accused of involvement in a massive graft scheme. And they put the country’s president at the center of the alleged criminal organization…

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Will Corruption Charges Against Brazil President Stick?

The president of Brazil, Michel Temer, has been charged in connection with an expansive anti-corruption investigation, raising questions about whether congressional agendas could serve as roadblocks to his prosecution…

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Brazil Interim President Implicated in Petrobras Corruption Scandal

A key witness in Brazil’s wide-ranging Petrobras corruption scandal has accused the country’s interim president of soliciting illegal campaign contributions for a fellow politician, adding to allegations of corruption already swirling around the acting leader…

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Brazil’s New Government Is Already Planning to Balance the Budget on the Backs of the Poor

Just days after the Brazilian Senate voted to¬†suspend¬†former President Dilma Rousseff and subject her to an impeachment trial, the country’s new right-wing government is already planning to balance the budget on the backs of the poor…

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