Weekly InSight: Is the International Consensus Around Drug Policy Shifting?

In our March 1 Facebook Live session, Senior Investigator Deborah Bonello and Senior Editor Mike LaSusa discussed a new United Nations report on global drug control, and how the report‚Äôs main conclusions signal an ongoing shift in the international consensus around drug policies…

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UN Drug Control Board Emphasizes Prevention, Treatment in New Report

The United Nations agency in charge of monitoring compliance with international drug control agreements released a report urging countries around the world to improve efforts to prevent and treat problematic drug use, underscoring a continuing shift away from traditional counternarcotics policies…

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Report Highlights Continued Growth in LatAm Drug Consumption

The latest annual report from the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) describes a continuing trend of growing drug use in the Americas, and encourages countries to seek “non-punitive” solutions for dealing with this issue…

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International Report Links Rising LatAm Drug Abuse to Violence

The latest report by the¬†International Narcotics Control Board illustrates the region-wide correlation between developments in drug trafficking, drug use and criminal violence in Latin America…

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