Human Rights

Brazil Senate Vote Could Shield Soldiers Charged With Abuses

Brazil’s Senate approved a controversial measure that would transfer jurisdiction for alleged crimes committed by members of the armed forces to the military itself, a controversial move that has been linked to impunity for abusive security forces in other cases…

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Two Years Later, Unsolved Iguala Case Underscores Mexico Security Failures

The case of Mexico‘s 43 missing students remains unsolved after two years, underscoring the reasons for the deep distrust many Mexican citizens harbor toward their government when it comes to matters of crime and security…

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Honduras Security Agreement with Israel Raises Human Rights Concerns

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández announced that he is requesting congressional approval for a new military cooperation agreement with Israel, raising human rights concerns given past experiences of Latin American countries receiving security assistance from the Mediterranean nation…

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IACHR Renewing its Monitoring of Disappeared Students’ Case in Mexico

Latin America’s top regional human rights body has approved further measures to track the Mexican government’s progress in its ongoing investigation of an emblematic mass disappearance case, but the latest move is unlikely to produce the answers the victims’ families have long hoped for…

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El Salvador Prosecutor Charges Police in Extrajudicial Executions

El Salvador’s attorney general has accused several police officers of participating in a high-profile case of extrajudicial killings, signaling a desire to reign in heavy-handed anti-gang tactics that have been linked to increases in violence and human rights abuses…

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Human Rights Activists Dispute “Success” of “Plan Colombia”

A group of award-winning human rights activists from Colombia traveled to Washington, DC, from February 15 through 19 to share their perspectives on the armed conflict that has roiled their country for more than half a century, as well as the historic negotiations aimed at ending it…

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The Drug War and Human Rights

Adding to mounting public criticism of the “war on drugs,” a scathing new report from a coalition of human rights groups alleges that countries in the Americas have carried out the fight against the drug trade “in contradiction to their human rights obligations.”

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