Weekly InSight: Why Latin America Is the Most Violent Region on Earth

In our March 8 Facebook Live session, Co-Director Steven Dudley and Senior Editor Mike LaSusa discussed the factors that drive Latin America’s persistently high homicide rates…

Read this piece in its entirety at InSight Crime. Watch the full video below:

Weekly InSight: Special Investigation of Homicides in Guatemala

I was on this week’s “Weekly InSight” Facebook Live session with Steve Dudley to discuss InSight Crime’s latest investigation, “Homicides in Guatemala.” See a summary of the investigation written by Dudley and a full video of our Facebook Live conversation at InSight Crime.

More than 80 Mexico Mayors Murdered Since 2006

More than 80 current and former mayors have been killed in Mexico over the past ten years, with three of those murders occurring just in the past few weeks — a pattern of violence that underscores the political aims of the criminal groups involved in a significant number of the assassinations…

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