Calif. Federal Jury Finds Glitches In Finjan Malware Patent Suit

Cybersecurity company Finjan Inc. lost a bid to prove malware detection products sold by competitor Juniper Networks Inc. had infringed Finjan’s patent, when a California federal jury on Friday returned a verdict in Juniper’s favor…

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China’s ‘Steve Jobs’ Risks Losing Calif. Property Over Loan

Chinese tech magnate Jia Yueting could have more than $11 million of his U.S. properties seized after a Shanghai-based company asked a California federal court to enforce the decision of a Beijing arbitration committee that ordered Jia to make good on a multimillion-dollar loan…

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Calif. School Vaccine Law Upheld As Panel Pans ‘Hyperbole’

California’s law requiring children in day care and grade school to get vaccinated survived another in a long line of challenges when a state appeals court criticized the lawsuit’s “hyperbole” in a unanimous opinion upholding a lower court’s decision to toss the case…

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