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Jussie Smollett Can’t Sue Chicago For Malicious Prosecution

An Illinois federal judge ruled that Jussie Smollett can’t pursue allegations that the city of Chicago, its police department and others participated in a malicious prosecution of the “Empire” actor after he was attacked earlier this year and then accused of staging the incident himself…

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Concert Co. Can’t Use COVID-19 To Pause $2M Contract Case

A Washington federal judge shot down a Seattle-based music festival production company’s request to pause a case accusing it of misusing a partner company’s $2 million advance payment, pointing to technological workarounds for obstacles created by the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Judge Throws Out $70M ‘Columbo’ Verdict, Orders New Trial

The creators of the long-running whodunit series “Columbo” will have to retry a crucial part of their case accusing Universal City Studios of shorting them on profits from the show, after a California judge on Monday upended a $70 million judgment in the creators’ favor…

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